Eco Flo 6 Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System
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System Includes:

  • Nutrient Reservoir (five gallon)
  • FREE SHIPPING! (limited time)
  • Air pump with adustable pressure
  • Air injection technology
  • Six 3-inch net pots
  • Grodan starter cubes
  • Red fill cap, drain plug, & syringe (for checking PH)
  • FREE GrowStones grow media

Also available in a dual 2 system bundle

L - 16.5" W - 12.75" H - 9"


An incredible value for your hydroponic dollar, the Eco Flo 6 Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System is a low cost system.  Don’t let the low cost or size deceive you.  The DWC gets the job done by delivering the highly oxygenated nutrient enriched solution directly to the roots of the plants.

(Air Injection Technology is manufactured by Modular Hydro and will out perform an airstone.)

With the addition of Air Injection Technology your Eco Flo 6 DWC will enjoy increased growth rates by providing millions of oxygen enriched micro air bubbles to the nutrient solution.

DWC (Deep Water Culture)
Traditional methods favor the use of a plastic container with the plant contained in a net pot suspended from the lid and the roots suspended in the nutrient solution. An air pump powered airstone oxygenates the nutrient solution; if sufficiently oxygenated, the plant roots can remain submerged indefinitely. Once the plants are ready to flower, the level of the nutrient solution is gradually reduced to expose the roots to the air. Plants absorb vastly more oxygen directly from the air than from the oxygen dissolved in water. Deep water culture allows plant roots to absorb large quantities of oxygen while also allowing the uptake of nutrients. This leads to rapid growth throughout the life of the plant.

It is advisable to start this type of indoor cultivation with cubes of rock wool. Once the seeds are germinated in cubes of rock wool, put them into the DWC baskets previously filled with expanded clay pellets. Fill the DWC system with water and fertilizers that are hydroponic specific up to the level of the solution in contact with the base of baskets.

In this way, the clay will be in contact with the solution that will be absorbed by the plants roots. Soon the plant will develop a large root system that will naturally immerse in the nutrient solution. It will not be necessary to maintain the level of nutrient solution to the same level of the base of the baskets, but results will come with a lower level. It is recommended replacing the nutrient solution approximately once a week and wash the container / tank with hot water to remove any algae, mold and salt deposits. Every time you fill the tank, measure the pH of the solution and ensure that its value is between 5.5 and 6.8. Revise with the pH indicator. Constantly monitor the pH.

Eco Flo 6 Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponics System

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