Eco Flo Quad Hydroponics System (4 Quart)
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 This System Includes

  • 4 Eco Flo DeskTop Hydroponics System 2.0 (4qt)
  • 4 outlet air pump with adustable pressure
  • Air injection technology 4.0"  (New generation)
  • Four 3-inch net pots
  • FREE! Growstones grow media (limited time)
  • Bag of Grodan starter seed grow cubes
  • 4 Red fill caps, 4 drain plugs, & syringe (for checking PH)
  • Instructions (includes start from seed and cloning tips)
  • Independant grow sites allow you to space your plants apart as they grow!

EcoFlo Desktop Single System Footprint: L - 7.25" W - 7.25" H - 7.25"

 An incredible value for your hydroponic dollar, the EcoFlo Quad Hydroponics System DWC has been completely redesigned and is our latest inovation in hydroponics. The DWC gets the job done by delivering the highly oxygenated nutrient enriched solution directly to the roots of the plants.

Eco Flo Quad Hydroponics System (4 Quart)

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