About Us

Modular Hydro is a family-owned and operated company. Our challenge is to strive to be recognized as the company providing the best products available for the most reasonable price possible. Our goal is to be socially, ethically, and ecologically responsible, honest in all our dealings, and will continually reach for the excellence. We are known for the intense attention to detail, consistency in production, now and in the future.

We're changing the way you think about the hydroponic industry with a name you can trust, a company with the utmost integrity, and delivers what it promises. Our mission is to put a hydroponic growing unit in every backyard in the world! Grow with us TODAY!

We think you will learn more and enjoy growing your hydroponics plants if you start them from seed.  This is part of the fun of watching things grow, and it is much less expensive than seedling plants.

  • It is a complete system, easy to assemble, simple to operate and well suited to the hydroponic growing professional, or the beginner;

  • It is durable, reliable, energy efficient, and made of high quality components;

  • It is reasonably priced, the best value for your hydroponic dollar;

  • It is made in the USA but can be shipped anywhere;

  • It is portable, easily moved from place to place;

  • It is extremely inexpensive to operate;

  • It operates with a minimum of power, human energy, and expense;

  • It can be operated for profit, or as a family hobby, or just for fun;

  • It can furnish your table with exotic herbs and produce all during the year;

  • It allows plants to grow faster and with more vigor than those planted in soil;

  • It is usually more pest and disease free than a soil system;

  • It can be configured to meet your allotted space, either vertically or horizontally;

  • It is easily assembled using the coded components of the system, and instructions are included with each system in each kit package;

  • It is available in white, and green, with more colors to follow;

  • It is expandable by simply adding addition components which are available through Modular Hydro;

  • It has been specially designed, built, and tested to meet all of the above elements of operation;